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The Illusion of Control is now available in E book format!

Thanks to Nate Tucker for putting together the e-version of my book. It is now available through the Author section of this site.

The E book version has an additional chapter based on my experience using the book over the past years with real clients. Here is an excerpt from the new chapter:

The Illusion of NO Control

In the years since this book was first printed, and as people read, applied, and responded to the content, one pattern began to emerge that I had not anticipated.  Before I describe it, here is the context of the new pattern.

As we have seen, the primary point of the book is that some people, due to a variety of factors, come to the conclusion (as Margie did), that they are the cause of all the problems in their life.  And they resist changing that world view, because as Margie said, “If I’m the problem, I can be the solution.”   However, as people try to live their lives according to the Illusion of Control world view, inevitably they begin to feel anxious and depressed because they discover things still are not working out, and the only logical conclusion is that they are complete and utter failures.  

For many clients, the correction to that world view that is the main point of this book, was a significant help.  However, there was subset of clients who listen, read, and consider the Illusion of Control model but deny that it had anything to do with them.  Instead, as I would explore further, it became clear that they are almost a mirror image of the model:  rather than seeing themselves as the problem and therefore the solution, they flip the model around and see themselves as NEVER the problem, and the world ALWAYS as the problem.  That view comes with a cost however: that cost is a sense of complete powerlessness over their circumstances. They are, in a word, victims……at least, they think so!

Their belief might be summarized as “I’m not the problem, so I clearly can’t be the solution.”

I hope you will check it out!

The printed copy of the original content is of course still available.

Steven Wiese